In general e-commerce software is designed to make it not difficult for a person to manage a whole online store without any assistance. Many e-commerce software comes with different kind of tools that makes it feasible for someone to fruitfully run a SOHO business. There are some free tools that make the running of a business seem effortless without necessarily incurring an additional cost. To begin, the majority of these tools can be found on paid carts costing over $30 per month.

These tools are also freely available on shopping carts but it may require some knowledge of programming to be able to fine-tune it so that it can work the way you want it. It is not surprising that providers of e-commerce software on budget fail to add those features to their subscribers. Having been mentioned, one cannot expect much from shopping carts that costs lower than $5 per month.

Auto Responder

Auto Responder as a tool is time saving most of the time. It can be set up to work together with some other features present in a shopping cart system. For instance, it can be set to act in response to cancelled orders. When an order is cancelled, there is an automatic email sent out so that order can be recovered. From research results, it can be seen that nearly 20% of cancelled orders can be converted to sales if the prospective customer can be reached with a day of cancelling the order. Given that for every order that is handled, there can be up to 4 cancelledorders; this tool candemonstrate good success.

Internal Linking

Link building is significant when it regards to SEO. There aredifferent kinds of links; internal, outbound and inbound links. The inbound links are more valuable but a site should endeavour to combine all 3 kinds of links. Link building is time-consuming but there is some e-commerce software with features that automatically build internal links. Picture yourself having over 500 products with all of them linked to each other by some select keywords. Even if the number of links per page is limited to 2 it would mean that over 1000 links can still be built. If you were to do that yourself, it would have consumed you a lot of time.

Social Bookmarking

This alongside microblogging websites has become the new trend and online merchants have started to realize the benefits of using these sites to get words out. Customers without any difficulty can now promote your products via shares on social bookmarks and micro-blogging websites. Your site can be introduced to thousands and millions of people out there. The e-commerce software features have made it possible.